29.6.20 / Text

A New Pleasure: On Capitalism and Psychoanalysis

In his essay for A Pleasant Apocalypse: Notes from the Grand Hotel Abyss, Aaron Schuster looks at how capitalism both deploys and devalues pleasure in a quasi-religious all-inclusive experience.

5.6.20 / Text

Europe’s Embarrassing Secret

Stephan Lessenich on Europe’s continued pursuit of a cult of enjoyment in his essay for A Pleasant Apocalypse: Notes from the Grand Hotel Abyss.

27.5.20 / Text

Living in Regressive Times

Michiel Vandevelde on the embattled notion of progress in his essay for A Pleasant Apocalypse: Notes from the Grand Hotel Abyss


Vorherbst Magazine takes a winter break and will be back with plenty of ideas and stimula in spring 2020.

3.12.19 / Video (in German)

Next to Us, the Deluge

Stephan Lessenich on the society of externalization and its costs

5.10.19 / Video

Soft Power, Hard Brexit

Jasmina Cibic and Jeremy Deller in conversation with Christoph Platz and David Riff

23.9.19 / Video

herbst portrait #17: Hanna Rohn

Hanna Rohn tells us how her work as sex educator influences her artistic practice and provides a glimpse into her performance The Pleasure is All Ours.

12.8.19 / Text

An Argument against Aboutness

Ariel Efraim Ashbel talks to Dominik Müller about his new work, his poetics and his role as director

23.7.19 / Video (in German)

herbst portrait #12: Andreas Siekmann

The artist explores Graz’ Griesplatz and elaborates on the motivations behind his newest installation After Dürer in conversation with Christoph Platz.

8.7.19 / Text and images

Somewhere Else

Director Guram Matskhonashvili shares impressions from his research in Zugdidi, Georgia

25.6.19 / Text

Combined and Uneven Apocalypse

Writer Evan Calder Williams tells us why the apocalypse is already happening, just not everywhere at once


Welcome to Grand Hotel Abyss

Vorherbst announces the title of its upcoming edition and gets prepared for a new festival season

14.12.18 / Text

Season greetings, or: Volksfronten’s critical inquiry of (hyber-)nation
Vorherbst Magazine takes a winter break and will be back with fresh ideas and plenty of stimula for future debates in spring 2019.

19.11.18 / Video

Our Little Fascisms #6

Tobias Ginsburg and Lars Cuzner in conversation with Dominik Müller

16.11.18 / Postcards from Graz


What assails the eye is the total lack of commerce

15.11.18 / Video

Our Little Fascisms #5

Ishay Landa and Nikola Vukobratović in conversation with David Riff 

13.11.18 / Postcards from Graz

Hotel Daniel

The promise of affordable seaside vacations, with a beautiful view of the beach for everyone

9.11.18 / Postcards from Graz


A city within a city, a world unto itself

6.11.18 / Postcards from Graz


Here, on the periphery of the city, the first workers’ settlements sprung up

2.11.18 / Video

Archaeological imagination

Lecture by Michael Shanks in the frame of Milica Tomić's Exhibiting on a Trowel’s Edge. Research and investigative processes of Aflenz Memorial in becoming (2018)

30.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


Everything from magic shows to cabaret, operettas, acrobats, jugglers, and exotic dancers

26.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


“Strictly speaking the French were besieging a giant prison, not a fortress”

23.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


A staircase zigzags up to the ruins of the mountain-top fortress

20.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


Undisciplined, domestic, pulsing with everyday life

17.10.18 / Postcards from Graz


Hitler’s pathway to the hearts of the Austrian people

10.10.18 / Postcards from Graz

Am Eisernen Tor

There is something incongruous about the triangular city plaza.

21.9.18 / Video

“Women Are Stupid”

Eternal Leader Cuzner is in Graz today and announces his candidacy for the EU parliament in a breathtaking video.

18.9.18 / Video (in German)

My Name is Language (2018)

Nicoline van Harskamp shares some research material as a glimpse into her new performance for steirischer herbst ’18.

15.9.18 / Text

Victoria Lomasko

The Moscow-based artist on the crossroads of Soviet and Russian Orthodox aesthetics, where she finds the voiceless Russian people.

30.8.18 / Video

Fuck Your Values!

Lars Cuzner, the Eternal Leader of the Intelligence Party, offers a brief glimpse at his upcoming adventures in Graz.

24.8.18 / Video

herbst portrait #5: Roman Osminkin

Making Schloßbergplatz his stage, Roman Osminkin gives Graz’s locals and tourists a taste of his poetic actionism.

17.8.18 / Text

G. M. Tamás
On Post-Fascism (2000)

This text appeared over 18 years ago, and seems near-prophetic today, its diagnosis of the politics of citizenship in Europe more relevant than ever.

17.8.18 / Video

herbst portrait #4: Igor & Ivan Buharov

In a preview of their new work, Igor and Ivan Buharov navigate between bio-energetics, anarchism and the occult, hypnotizing a couple of plants on their way.

17.8.18 / Text

Possibilitarian Platform (2003)

Paradise is possible, says Bread & Puppet Theater in their 2003-manifesto, even in a world under siege by the enemies of nature. 

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