Local public transport

Via the Website or App you can plan your journey via public transport in the city of Graz, but also in the region of Styria. Most of our venues in Graz are located centrally and can be reached on foot from the center in a few minutes or, more conveniently, by bus or tram. You can explore the historic city center of Graz free of charge by tram.


By car you can reach Graz via Highway A9 (from the north: Salzburg/Linz/Germany; from the south: Slovenia/Croatia) and via Highway A2 (from the east: Vienna/Hungary/Poland/Czech Republic; from the south (Klagenfurt/Italy).

Driving time from Vienna is about 2 hours, from Ljubljana about 2 hours as well, from Linz and Zagreb about 3 hours, from Salzburg about 4 hours, and from Munich about 5 hours.

Hertz car rental

There are 20 pick-up locations in Austria, 6 at international airports.


There are flexible, almost daily connections between Graz airport and other major European airports like Vienna, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Zürich. Connections to flights to other countries abroad can be made easily.

Vienna's international airport offers regular connections to major airports both inside and outside of Europe. For travel directly to Graz from Vienna airport, we recommend taking the bus.


Train connections within Austria are available between Graz and Vienna, as well as Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, and Salzburg, and within Europe between Graz and Budapest, Düsseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Zagreb, and Zürich.


Travel to Graz by bus is possible from cities such as Ljubljana, Munich, Zagreb and others. Bus service from Vienna to Graz is frequent and fast.

Shuttle Linz–Graz–Linz 21.9.

Departure Linz: 7:00, Kunstuniversität Linz / Hauptplatz 6, 4020 Linz
Arrival Graz: Maria-Theresia-Allee 5, 8010 Graz

Departure Graz: 21:00, Kunsthaus Graz, Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz
Arrival Linz: ca. 00:00, Kunstuniversität Linz / Hauptplatz 6, 4020 Linz

Registration until 9.9.: tickets [​at​]
Round trip: 30 Euro
Single trip: 15 Euro


Transfering from Graz airport to the city center by taxi takes about half an hour. Taxis are always available at the airport as well as at Graz's main train station.
Taxis can also be ordered via phone: +43 316 878 and/or +43 316 889.

Accommodation bookings

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