Weltmaschine : Österreich

Akademie des Verschwindens
Beginning of transport of materials to Literaturhaus Graz

17:00 beginning of transport of materials to Literaturhaus Graz
18:00–19:30 concluding event at Forum Stadtpark

The academy run by Fred Büchel and Alexander Mairhofer at the Agentur für Unabkömmlichkeitsbegründungen (Agency for Reasons of Indispensability) is working on the new art of disappearance, the “disaster of the archive” (Knut Ebeling), focusing on how archives can be manipulated and falsified. Using specific materials from the archive of the theater and artist collective Fritzpunkt, it demonstrates the theory and practice of the disappearance of archive materials. Joint readings, daily interviews with people in the cultural and art scenes of Graz, and feedback sessions are all part of their work. The academy joins the trip to the apartment of Marianne Fritz on 3 October. Fragments of text by the writer are used to produce informational posters, which will be transported in a small vehicle to the Forum Stadtpark and used there as a backdrop for the concluding event. In addition to the Agentur für Unabkömmlichkeitsbegründungen, various other invited guests take part in the discussion curated by Christoph Szalay, including curator, author, and publisher Anna-Sophie Springer.

30.9.–5.10., 10:00–17:00
Akademie des Verschwindens
Literaturhaus Graz, Projektraum, 1st floor
Closed on 3.10.

5.10.19, 17:00

Meeting Point: Literaturhaus Graz
Elisabethstraße 30
8010 Graz

Free admission