Weltmaschine : Österreich

Grand Hotel Abgrund. Mit Georg Lukács zu Karl Kraus
Introductory remarks and discussion

With György Dalos, Wolfgang Müller-Funk, Katharina Prager, and Franz Schuh

Introductory remarks by Klaus Kastberger, Ekaterina Degot, and David Riff

Moderated by Daniela Strigl

Two figures who challenged comfort zones of thought are examined in this group discussion: Georg Lukács (1885–1971), who described Theodor W. Adorno and the Frankfurt School as simply having made themselves comfortable in the “Grand Hotel Abyss” with their leftist thinking, and Karl Kraus (1874–1936), who was one of the greatest satirists of Austrian literature.

3.10.19, 19:00

Literaturhaus Graz
Elisabethstraße 30
8010 Graz
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