Im Fokus: Jeremy Deller


In his piece Putin’s Happy (2019), Jeremy Deller deals with the misguided patriotism that eventually led to the Brexit-referendum. The artist investigates British national myths as well as the political history of his country. The repeated linguistic use of certain expressions in reference to Brexit in the media influenced the perception of the issue and contributed to the forming of certain stereotypes. Paige Baralija from the department of English at the University of Graz is the guest of this “Focus”-tour and will provide insight into the way the Brexit was discussed in British media and the consequences of “framing.”

The format “In Focus” devotes an hour examining the work of one single artist in detail and investigates this position in conversation with external experts of various fields of expertise. The tours are included in the festival pass. You can book your tour at the Office of Open Questions of steirischer herbst and online.

Paige Baralija MA (*1990 Kosovo, lives in Graz) studied English and American studies at the University of Graz. Since 2017 she has been teaching there in the field of theoretical and applied linguistics and language training. She is currently enrolled in a doctorate at the University of Graz and explores the representation of Hispanic characters in entertainment media. Last summer semester she held a course on approaches of cultural studies in linguistics, which focused on British media and its representation of the Brexit.

4.10.19, 16:00

Meeting point:
Office of Open Questions
Kaiser-Josef-Platz 4, 8010 Graz
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t +43 664 24 500 89

Curated by Künstlerhaus Graz