Soft Power, Hard Brexit

Jasmina Cibic and Jeremy Deller in conversation with Christoph Platz and David Riff

Jasmina Cibic’s video installation is the first chapter of her new poetic study of the many “political gifts” found in European history of art and architecture, especially during times of rebuilding after political upheaval. There is a persistent and unsubstantiated rumor in Graz that the Künstlerhaus was also such a “gift” from the departing British occupation forces. Cibic’s installation looks at how culture turns into a Trojan horse with such donations.

Jeremy Deller’s new single-channel film provides a unique view of the rise of right-wing populism and, possibly, fascism in the United Kingdom. It looks at the often-absurd xenophobia, isolationism, and misplaced patriotism fueling the vote to leave the European Union. A vocal opponent of Brexit, Deller has intervened directly in the political process. Banners designed by the artist in reference to the film preface his installation at Künstlerhaus, continuing another means with which Deller has lent his unique voice to political struggles over the years.

21.9.19, 17:00

Duration: 60 min.

Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst und Medien
Burgring 2
8010 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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In English

Free admission