An Evening of Political Toasts

Short interventions by various artists

This year, with the festival program centered on the notion of Genuss (pleasure derived from food), steirischer herbst opens a dining-oriented version of its traditional herbstbar: a herbstkantine. Located at the main market in town, the Kaiser Josef market, it serves as the Visitor and Press Center as well as the Office of Open Questions during the day, and after 18:00 is dedicated to the gastronomic wellbeing of night owls, art lovers, culture conversationalists, and food researchers. Music accompanies the experience and meetings with artists, planned as well as improvised, punctuating the program. An Evening of Political Toasts is one of the first events of this year’s herbstkantine season. Stay tuned via our website and social media for updates.

21.9.19, 22:00

Duration: intermittent

Kaiser-Josef-Platz 4
8010 Graz
♿ Venue partly accessible for wheelchairs

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In English

Free admission