Music performance and talk

The audience is invited to explore the extensive grounds of a recycling center with a garbage expert and to investigate the acoustic quality of various discarded materials with a percussion ensemble. The musical excursion will end in the reuse-shop with the young drummers of the local marching band. Do urgent issues eventually end up in the garbage, or does upcycling give them a chance to survive? Together with the visitors, the Office of Open Questions looks into the development of relevant societal issues and breathes new life into them: Why do men have breasts? What clothes would I wear after the war? Where is the next telephone booth?

21.9.19, 20:00

Altstoffsammelzentrum Teufenbach-Katsch
Gewerbestraße 7
8842 Teufenbach-Katsch
♿ Venue partly accessible for wheelchairs

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Free admission

Artists: Klaus Lippitsch and Ensemble, and Office of Open Questions