Decolonial Trade of Goods

Interaction and talk

A temporary village marketplace in a former inn is the manifestation of the fact that the colonialism of nation-states changed into economic colonialism long ago. The discourse on globalization versus regionalization and fair trade is more current than ever. The organization Wüstenrose sells its products—innovative, useful, quirky, and even immaterial items from the region—and the Office of Open Questions offers a plethora of unsolved issues, inviting visitors to think about giving, exchanging, and other forms of trade.

8.9.19, 18:30

Thurnegg Stüberl, former Gasthaus Klauber
Baierdorf 23
8844 Schöder

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Free admission

With Vinzenzgemeinde Bezirk Murau, Rosemarie Fuchshofer, and Office of Open Questions