Studio Dan

Premieres, Concert

Studio Dan plays a rigorous sequence of ten premiering compositions. New works by composers from Armenia, Austria, Belarus, and Lebanon form a dazzling mosaic created in close communication with each other and with the ensemble—works that as a whole have the effect of a resonating magnifying glass. From the initial one-minute solo to a two-minute duo and the concluding ten-minute tentet, the individual works broadly arch through different sound experiences. Initiator Daniel Riegler calls the new collectively conceived project Augmented Reality, in which ten music positions dialogue with their respective neighbors.

4.10.19, 21:00

Next Liberty
Kaiser-Josef-Platz 10
8010 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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Ö1 broadcast Zeit-Ton: 21.10., 22.10., 23:03

Composition: Arash Azadi, Christof Dienz, Susanna Gartmayer, Matthias Kranebitter, Oxana Omelchuk, Maja Osojnik, Vincent Pongracz, Bushra el-Turk, Clemens Wenger, and Cynthia Zaven
Studio Dan
Musical director: Daniel Riegler

The compositions by Arash Azadi, Bushra el-Turk, and Cynthia Zaven were commissioned by ORF musikprotokoll. 
Arash Azadi is a 2019 SHAPE Artist.