Helmut List Halle

Waagner-Biro-Straße 98a
8020 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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Helmut List Halle is one of the best concert halls in Austria, boasting excellent acoustics. It was remodeled into its present form in 2003, when a wave of wishful thinking swept through Graz, then the cultural capital of Europe. The hulking space seems out of place in a run-down neighborhood behind the train station. It is a former industrial hall rebuilt by Markus Pernthaler for AVL-List GmbH, a prominent Graz-based automotive consulting firm. It has been used for a variety of artistic and promotional events that promised a better future for the area. A new gentrified residential zone now seems to be forming slowly in its surroundings.

Helmut List Halle