Ensemble Mécanique

Premieres, Concert

Concerts for robotic ensemble with 5 pianos, 2 xylophones, 1 marimba, 4 drums, 1 TamTam, 3 propellers, 7 bells and 3 sirens. George Antheil composed his Ballet Mécanique in the 1920s, when machines were already driving the industrial revolution. The “Graz version” of the work will be performed for the first time in this concert in the version of 1925 with all the planned instruments at the original tempo of 153. Winfried Ritsch's Canon for Machine Orchestra is an algorithmic composition that interweaves dynamic progressions of sound surfaces of the “automata” as a repeatable canon. In the third piece, the Percussion Piece, rhythm patterns by Helmut Kaplan are automated and playfully combined to form a new composition.

6.10.19, 18:00

Kunsthaus Graz
Lendkai 1
8020 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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Free admission

Winfried Ritsch, Helmut Kaplan, George Antheil

In cooperation with Kunsthaus Graz, Atelier Algorythmics, and Klavierhaus Fiedler. Ballet Mécanique is shown in the Kunsthaus exhibition Connected. Peter Kogler with ... in the shortened synchronized version with the film. (Kunsthaus Graz, Peter Kogler and Kathrin Bucher.)