Weltmaschine : Österreich

Trip to the apartment of Marianne Fritz in Vienna

Born in the Styrian town of Weiz, author Marianne Fritz (1948–2007) produced one of the most significant historical novels of Austrian literature with her work Die Festung(The Fortress). Her apartment in Vienna bears testimony to a life utterly dedicated to writing.

9:00 departure by bus from Literaturhaus Graz, tour of the apartment with Otto Dünser, Fritz’s partner (11:30–13:30), 14:00 departure from Vienna, ca. 16:30 arrival at Literaturhaus Graz

Guides: Agentur für Unabkömmlichkeitsbegründungen (Agency for Reasons of Indispensability) and Klaus Kastberger

3.10.19, 09:00–16:30

Meeting Point: Literaturhaus Graz
Elisabethstraße 30
8010 Graz

Participation is limited; email registration required by 25.9.: elisabeth.loibner [​at​] uni-graz.at

Free admission with Festival Pass