the smallest gallery—place for photography

Gerlinde Miesenböck

Photographer Gerlinde Miesenböck presents her work in the city center of Graz in a storefront that is always open and accessible to all—café-goers, passersby, teenagers, and seniors. She initiated her project in response to a photograph of Heiko Kienleitner, a high school student in the Photography and Multimedia Class at the Ortweinschule Graz. The project is the result of a collaboration, in which the various artists network together and exchange ideas. A common element in all the works is the use of one’s own body as a medium of expression, something that is often the starting point in Miesenböck’s work. Since May 2019 the smallest gallery has once again become a place for young photographers, as it was during its founding year in 2003. Working from the idea that the new works shown in the gallery respond to those shown just before, the presentations take the form of a photographic domino that over time becomes a sequence of related works. The five photographic works were developed over the course of 2019 and are presented together.



the smallest gallery—place for photography
Grieskai 2
8020 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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Mon-Sun 24/7
Free access

Opening: 21.9., 14:30

Artist: Gerlinde Miesenböck
Curated by Theresa Lipp, Miriam Raneburger, Katharina Sieghartsleitner, and Michael Zahnschirm

In cooperation with steirischer herbst '19