Eight People Are Waiting For


With its waiting room for eight people, Niederwölz is the regional rail and traffic hub connecting the valley regions of the Wölzertal and Murtal, and it thus determines the fate of those commuting back and forth to these destinations. In her smallest performance for the smallest train station in the region, Martha Labil walks back and forth between the waiting room and a railroad wagon of the Murtal line, while engaging couples, passersby, and the audience in absurd and comical rituals of departure and arrival. Leading up to and supplementing the performance are commuter descriptions of their everyday waiting experiences, which are posted in an online Facebook forum.

19.9.19, 18:30

Bahnhof Niederwölz

8831 Niederwölz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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Free admission

Concept and performance: Martha Labil