High Mass

Large-scale performance and festival opening

For an entire evening the festival presents a temporary art space in the former Bezirkshauptmannschaft Murau, inviting visitors to think about the present and future of the region from very different perspectives. Support is provided by the Office of Self-Limitation, Office of Paradise Research, Office of Self-Disposal, the Offices of Clarity, Agentur für Sündenböcke, and steirischer herbst’s Office of Open Questions.

6.9.19, 20:00

Former Bezirkshauptmannschaft Murau
Schillerplatz 7
8850 Murau
♿ Venue partly accessible for wheelchairs

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Free admission

Light installation: Ada Kobusiewicz
Videos: Judith Barfuss, Ulli Gladik, Ulrich Kaufmann, Sigrid E. Pliessnig, and Martin Schinagl
Performance: Martina Kröll, Martha Labil, Sigrid E. Pliessnig, Gerhild Resch, Klaus Sumann, Martin Schinagl, and others
Concept and staging: Andreas Staudinger