It all began with a second-hand listening experience. A friend told Gottfried Krienzer, aka kauders, about a concert with Glenn Branca and his guitar orchestra. Since kauders did not know of Branca’s work—and since in the 1990s music was not so readily available over the internet as it is today—the artist let his fantasy run wild and improvised his own ideas about how the concert and its many guitars must have sounded. Over time kauders developed his very own notion of the guitar orchestra. Ultimately, the musician began to record various guitar melodies and then layered them using a computer. He experimented for ten years to find optimal combinations. The result is the work Glop, which can now be heard in a live version for twenty-three guitarists from Graz. Slobodan Kajkut and Nikos Zachariadis are responsible for the high-precision combination of the individual guitar voices, which follow a strict score and bounce back and forth between twenty-three amplifiers.

3.10.19, 22:30

Dom im Berg
8010 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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Ö1 broadcast Zeit-Ton: 11.10., 23:03

Music and concept: Gottfried Krienzer, aka kauders
Guitarists: Michael Eisl, Franz Gurt, Daniel Gutmann, Andreas Heller, Birgit Hofstadler, Samo Ismajlovič, Bernhard Jammerbund, Richard Kahlbacher, Reas Klöckl, Michael Laab, Robert Lepenik, Bernd Oberdorfer, Martin Plass, Philip Prugger, Johannes Raggam, Lea Sonnek, Christian Steiner, Alexandra Stessl, Marina Stiegler, Christoph Uhlmann, Eva Ursprung, Klaus Wohlgemuth, and Werner Wohlgemuth
Sound manipulation: Slobodan Kajkut and Nikos Zachariadis