Ecke Griesplatz und Griesgasse
8020 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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Griesplatz is a curiously long, narrow square located to the south of the medieval city limits of Graz on the western bank of the river Mur. Its name is derived from the gravel that accumulated on the banks during frequent flooding. The volatile area was initially reserved for cheap accommodation and workshops of ordinary handymen and salespeople. In the 17th century an important north-south traffic axis developed along the western bank, and the influx of visitors changed the square. Pubs and inns were established and the adjacent red-light district grew. When a synagogue was erected nearby, Griesplatz also became a center of Jewish life in Graz. It is now a home to several migrant communities and remains a focus of contemporary redevelopment efforts.

Griesplatz, photo: Džana Ajanović