Das Planetenparty Prinzip

Instant Culture Express Service (2019)

This project plays with the effects of unbridled consumerism on the enjoyment of culture. For many people the consumption of culture no longer entails engaging with actual content. Instead, the main goal is to confirm or improve one’s own social status by being privy to the latest trends. As a result, art becomes all the more elitist while its reception becomes increasingly superficial. Das Planetenparty Prinzip takes this situation to the extreme by inviting the audience to save time and effort by providing them with all of the elements necessary to be able to participate in conversations about specific plays and performances; to give varied commentary and to praise the staging and interpretation without ever having seen anything in person. In the friendly atmosphere of a customer-service consultation in a pop-up shop that takes less than two minutes, customers are given individual presentations of an iconic scene from a must-see theater performance and receive flashy press kits to take home, further emphasizing Das Planetenparty Prinzip’s conscious overidentification with the soulless service industry.

19.9.19, 19:00–21:00

Opening Extravaganza

Duration: ongoing

Continues after Special Performances

Congress Graz
Albrechtgasse 1
8010 Graz
♿ Venue accessible for wheelchairs

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In German

Free admission with Festival Pass
No single tickets, exit and reentry anytime 

Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’19

Concept: Leonie Bramberger, Nora Köhler, and Miriam Schmid
Director: Nora Köhler
Stage design, costumes: Leonie Bramberger
Performance: Alexander Benke, Victoria Fux, Nora Köhler, Moritz Ostanek, and Alexandra Schmidt

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Das Planetenparty Prinzip (founded in 2015 in Graz) is a performance collective working on theater pieces, performances, and game formats. In a departure from detailed and focused cultural skills and other techniques, they research systems in society, dissecting and reassembling them with theatrical forms. The group’s members live in Graz.